3 Letter Words

3 letter words for Scrabble and Words with Friends

3-Letter Words are used in Scrabble and Words with Friends as a strategy to avoid wasting important tiles for larger words. Instead of forfeiting their turn or exchanging a random tile just for the sake of it, the players can get the same result plus some much-wanted points.
Words with this length are also useful to lay the ground for larger words. BAD (6 points) can eventually become BADMOUTH (16 points) and KEY (10 points) can turn into KEYWAY (19 points) for instance.
Knowing plenty of words with three letters is also advantageous when trying to play a word parallel to another. Playing parallel is one of the hardest but also one of the most profitable strategies is word games. When done correctly, the process of laying down one word can transform one or more that were already on the board, allowing the player to collect points from all of them.

What are the highest-scoring 3-letter words?

The highest-scoring word is ZZZ (3 points), using the only Z tile in the game plus the two white tiles to replace the other Zs.
If you cannot get your hands on any of these tiles and get the 10 points a single Z can grant, your next option would be to create PYX (15 points) or KEX (14 points).

What are the lowest-scoring 3-letter words?

The lowest scoring words are those that contain only letters that are worth one point, that is, the five vowels plus the most frequent consonants in the English language (R, S, T, N, L). In the case of words with 3 letters, this means that the lowest-scoring words are worth 3 points.
There are well over 100 words with this length that yield this score.

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