Word Scramble Generator

Word scramble generator is a tool that helps you turn perfect meaningful words into a jumble of letters. Unlike a traditional word unscramble in which the goal is to make sense of complete disorder, here the goal is to create a confusing mess.

This word scramble generator takes any query you make and swaps the letters from their normal position, maintaining an anagram but distorting the word. 

How to use this word scramble generator

This tool is designed to be quick and easy to use. All you have to do is type in your query on the search bar, press Enter or click on “Scramble!” and that is it. The tool will retrieve all possible anagrams using the letters you searched for, in alphabetical order.

What can I use it for?

A word scrambler can be a very useful tool to help you create word games. For example, you can try to create your own Jumble game for friends and family, choosing the theme and clues to your liking.

It can also be a great asset to create educational games and study exercises for kids to learn new vocabulary and practice spelling. Since you are the one deciding on the word you want to scramble, you can control the difficulty of the exercise. The longer or more obscure a word is, the harder it will be for players or students to decipher it. 

You can also use a word scrambler to help you create stronger passwords. If coming up with random letters is not your forte or you tend to forget complicated passwords, try to scramble a word you are familiar with. For example, “House”, a very simple and common word, can turn into “souhe”. The name “Jennifer” can be rearranged into “nfeijnre”. These jumbled words may be easy for you to remember, but they can turn into passwords tough to crack for others.

What words can I scramble?

Any word you want. It does not even need to be a valid one. You can simply type in a random set of letters to retrieve a list with them rearranged in all possible combinations.

For example, if you are trying to create a simple game of anagrams for kids you can use this word scramble maker to mix the letters in words such as SCHOOL, PEN, PAPER, TOY, CAR, or APPLE. Then you just need to choose the jumbled words that you like the most.

For example:







If you are trying to create a list of scrambled words for a game and you are out of ideas, you can also check our Random Word Generator to help your creative side blossom.

Why is a word scramble maker useful?

Scrambling words is something that anyone can do manually, but if you are here on this page looking for a word scramble maker, then you are already aware that doing it is not as simple as it looks.

Small words are relatively easy. CAT can turn into CTA or ATC, for example. Problems arise when it comes to longer words. The more letters they contain the more focused you need to be to make sure you do not repeat or forget any letter while scrambling the word.

Likewise, the longer the word the harder it is to control the closeness between the scrambled word and its solution. A good scrambled word must comply with one of these two requirements: 1) the letters are perfectly randomized, resulting in no visual resemblance with the original; or 2) the letters are mixed in such a way that they create acronyms whose pronunciation is completely different from that of the original word.

In both cases, the goal is to make the individual forget the existence of the root word.

A word scramble maker is further useful because it can make all of this in no time. Just type in the word or the letters you want to randomize, press “Scramble!”, and that is it!

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