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What is a Word Unscrambler?

A word unscrambler is a tool to unscramble words and letters to retrieve a list of terms that contain solely the same letters as the query. It only presents valid and dictionary approved words that you may use with confidence in your daily life or in a strict word game such as Scrabble or Words with Friends.
This word finder provides an extensive list that includes anagrams whenever these are possible, and shorter terms made with selected letters contained in the query. The words are presented according to the number of letters they are made of. 

How to use

Write a word or a jumble of letters in the search bar and click on “Unscramble!”. Word Unscrambler will then run the query through its extensive database to retrieve all the words made with those same letters.
The words are divided according to their number of letters. You may click on a specific word to find its definition, similar terms, or how many points it is worth in different word games, for instance. 
As an alternative, you can also use our word finder to look for and unscramble words by length and starting or ending letter. All the words that match your query are presented in alphabetical order, with a small digit next to them, showing how many points they are worth in a game of Scrabble.

Why is this word finder useful?

Terms come in many lengths and dispositions, and there are many reasons why people would like to unscramble words. The games of Scrabble and Words with Friends are a prime example. 
The pressure to make words with the given letters combined with the ambition to win can quickly make anyone’s mind go blank during these games. Or perhaps you might be facing an opponent with a seemingly larger vocabulary. 
Word Unscrambler is not a cheat tool, but rather a friendly helper. You may use it to unscramble a word or a set of letters whenever you feel stuck or the fun turns into frustration. It can also be taken as an educational and self-improvement tool as you can use this word finder to learn new terms and discover how rich the English vocabulary is even when only certain letters are used. 
Additionally, you may also use unscramble words as a training ground to prepare yourself for your next Scrabble or Words with Friends game. With this tool, you can study uncommon words or which terms can be made with a rare set of letters, and check how much they are worth in these word games. With this information, you will be able to better plan and maximize your gains in your next match.

Word Unscrambler is also fun

Unscramble words can be a useful and fun activity even for non-gamers, especially when it comes to anagrams.
For instance, you can have fun discovering which words can be made out of your name. Did you know that Cameron is also an anagram for Romance? Coincidence? 
Parents can also use this word finder to choose a creative theme for their kids’ names or to reinforce the bond between twins with a set of name duos that are anagrams of each other. These name duos include, for example, Lottie and Eliott, Alice and Celia, Ali and Lia, or Lane and Lena.

Unscrambling words or unscrambling letters?

For optimal results, this Word Unscrambler tool does not differentiate between these two processes. 
The difference between the two is minimal, anyway. A tool that unscrambles words will only accept queries with valid words, whereas one that unscrambles letters will analyze even a jumble of letters to retrieve valid terms.
Word Unscrambler takes into account any letters inserted in the search bar. Therefore, it does not matter if the query is made of a valid word or random letters.

Scrabble Word Finder

If you want to step up your game in Scrabble, head up to the Scrabble Word Finder page at the top right corner to find new terms to use on your next word challenge.
Here you can unscramble any set of letters that happen to be on your rack to find valid words that may lead you to victory. All the results are presented with the total value they are worth in a Scrabble game.
Play around with your letters and those available on the board game to find high-scoring words and try to reach a Scrabble Bingo.

Words With Friends Cheat

Word with Friends players will find their new best friend on the Words with Friends Cheat page.
Here, they can enter the letters on their rack to quickly find a high-scoring or tricky word to beat their opponent in an ongoing game. It does not matter how hard or strange the combination of letters is, this cheat tool will find all valid words containing it!
Plus, for every query, the tool will also retrieve words containing one extra letter other than the ones you entered. All to let players easily and quickly sift through their options and perhaps find a way to transform a word on the board or use letters already there to boost their points.

Jumble Solver

Anyone having trouble solving the Daily Jumble or any Jumble word puzzle will find a precious helper in our Jumble Solver

Head to the solver to help you decipher the puzzle anagrams and discover the highlighted letters you need to complete the answer phrase. If you are still having difficulty interpreting the clues to find the words missing, do not worry. You can type in the letters to retrieve a list of dictionary-approved words containing them. The list is sorted by length, which means you can easily check all the possibilities and compare them with the number of blank spaces you have in the final sentence.

Have fun unscrambling the jumbled words and solving all the daily jumble puzzles with the help of this tool!

Anagram solver

For those with a keen interest in anagrams or that are simply looking for fun ways to create nicknames or usernames, we have a side page only for you. Avoid all the Scrabble fuss and head to the Anagram solver page to begin looking for new ways of rearranging letters and creating different words.
Here you can also find a list of the most searched anagrams by people all over the world, as well as the top trending anagrams. 

Suggested Anagrams

Trending Anagrams

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