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Words by Word Length

Have fun increasing your vocabulary by searching and learning new words according to their number of letters.

The length of a word is one of the most important factors in word games such as Scrabble or Words with Friends. The longest the word, the more points players can get, even when using low-value letters.
However, it is important to learn as many terms as possible with different lengths. For instance, during a game, you may want to aim for a tight space to get to the bonus squares on the board. Perhaps, if you just know enough 2-letter words, you can connect two existing terms and get extra points for those. It can even happen that you have too many vowels or consonants in your rack and are completely unable to construct a long word.
In all these situations, knowing terms with different lengths can prevent you from having to forfeit your turn or change plans and go for the second- or third-best option.

Learn has many long words as possible

Long words mean more points and a high chance of reaching the bonus spaces in games such as Scrabble and Words with Friends. The more you know, the more likely it is that you will be able to make them even out of a seemingly bad rack.
Try to focus particularly on those that are made with several vowels or consonants, as these combinations are often the most difficult to breakthrough.

Discover your next Bingo

In a game of Scrabble, you get Bingo and earn extra 50 points right away every time you can make a word using all the letters on your rack at once. It is the “dream move” for Scrabble players, but one that is hard to achieve.
You should aim big and try to learn as many long words as possible, but do not dismiss those juicy 7-letter words either.

Study as many short words as possible

Two and three-letter words are often ignored by new Scrabble and Words with Friends players as they are of low-value. Nevertheless, when played wisely they can return up to 50 points per game.
These short words are very useful when you are aiming for a longer word and do not want to exchange many letters on your rack. They can also be easily added to an existing word (as a “hook”, for example) to get your extra points.
More importantly, they can be used when you are feeling stuck as a means to get some points instead of forfeiting your turn. And every player knows that few points are always better than none.

Compare length and value

In these lists of words by length, each term has a digit on its right side that shows its value in a game of Scrabble. If you select a word, you can also check its value for Words with Friends.
When deciding which new word to learn, remember to compare their length with their total value. Sometimes, longer terms are not the most valuable ones. For instance, AERIALS with 7 letters is only worth 9 points, but QI, a 2-letter word, is worth 11.
For that reason, you should keep your vocabulary as varied and balanced as possible. This will give you the chance to better plan your moves to get a better score.


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