Spelling Bee Online

This Spelling Bee game is inspired by the popular Spelling Bee word puzzle in the New York Times. It follows the same rules and has the same challenging features that enchanted players all over the world but with no daily limit. You can play unlimited new challenges, always for free.

Get ready to test how rich your vocabulary is by combining the letters in the honeycomb to create as many words as you can.

Spelling Bee rules

Spelling Bee is a word game that challenges your spelling skills, vocabulary knowledge, and ability to unscramble words from random letters. The goal is to create as many words as possible using the letters on the honeycomb. However, there are three very specific rules to this process:

1. Every word must contain the letter at the center of the honeycomb.
2. The words must have 4 letters or more.
3. You can repeat letters.

There is also a points system to the game. 4-letter words are worth 1 point, while the longer ones are valued at one point per letter. For example, a 6-letter word is worth 6 points. 

Words that use every letter on the honeycomb are considered a “pangram” and they are worth 7 extra points on top of their regular value. Every online Spelling Bee puzzle contains at least one pangram.

How to play Spelling Bee online

As with the Spelling Bee word game from the New York Times, your goal is to form as many words as possible using the letters on the honeycomb. Remember that only 4-letter words or longer are valid and you must always use the letter at the center.

You can either form the word by clicking on the letters on the honeycomb (with your mouse or finger if you are playing on a touch-screen) or use your keyboard to type them in. Once you have spelled the word you want, press enter to submit it. If the word is correct and valid, it will show up on the list of words you found, right above the honeycomb.

Pangram words will be shown in a different color to set them aside. The score bar progresses according to the points you collect.

If you are stuck and cannot unscramble any other words, you can try to use the Shuffle button. This will switch the position of the letters in the honeycomb, except for the one at the center, and may help you find combinations that you were unaware of.

Tips and tricks for beginners

Whether you are playing this unlimited Spelling Bee word game or are challenging the daily Spelling Bee of the New York Times, there are some tricks that may help boost your score and find more words.

Build on a word: once you have found a word, try to think of suffixes, prefixes, or letters that you can add to it to make it longer. For example, if you can form the word DATE then you can also form DATED. 

Break down longer words: if you find a long word, you can also try to deconstruct it into smaller parts. For instance, DOWNSIZE can be broken into DOWN and SIZE. Then, using the first Spelling Bee tip, you can even get DOWNED and SIZED.

Find anagrams: sometimes it can be easier to focus on one word and try to find as many anagrams for it as possible instead of taking in the complete honeycomb. Let us say you found MARCH, then you can also form CHARM which is its anagram. 

Use the Shuffle button: changing the position of the letters on the honeycomb is sometimes enough to unlock several words in your mind. Seeing the letters rearranged differently can help you spot combinations that you were not able to think about.

Use a Spelling Bee Solver: a Spelling Bee Solver will help you find all the answers to a particular puzzle. It is very useful when you cannot think of any other words but you still want to complete the challenge. However, it is also an important tool to help you practice and study for any Spelling Bee online game. Sometimes you may not be able to finish a puzzle, not because you cannot find more words but because you have exhausted your vocabulary. In this sense, using a Spelling Bee Solver can help you retrieve all the unknown words and learn them for a future challenge. 

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