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Word Hurdle is a word game inspired by the popular game Wordle. As with the original version now owned by the New York Times, the goal is to find the hidden 5-letter word through a process of elimination. The fun lies in putting your 5-letter words vocabulary to the test to find the winning word. Contrary to Wordle, however, with Word Hurdle, there is no daily puzzle. You can keep playing as much as you want!

How to play Word Hurdle

Word Hurdle follows the same rules and goals as the famous Wordle. In this word game, the goal is also to discover which 5-letter word is hidden in the grid. To do it, the players need to follow a process of trial and error.

You have a total of 6 attempts to find the correct word. At each attempt, the letters on the words will change colors depending on their relation to the winning word. Green means a correct letter and placement on the final word; yellow/orange means a correct letter but a wrong placement; gray indicates that the final word does not contain that letter.

To enter the words in the grid, you can either use your keyboard or the virtual one on the game page. 

There is no daily limit to the number of puzzles you can play. To play a new one you can either refresh the page or complete your current puzzle. 

If you win or lose, a message will show up at the end with the hidden word. If you want to know more about it, e.g. its definition, synonyms, etc., just click on it.

And if you are struggling with any puzzle, be sure to check our Wordle Cheat. This tool lets you search for 5-letter words that fit the criteria you have already uncovered. You can write down which letters to exclude, the ones you are sure about but do not know their placement yet, and the ones that you have already highlighted in green in your grid.

Have fun playing Word Hurdle!

Tips to win at Word Hurdle and Wordle

Test the vowels right away

The vowels are the basic structure of any word, hand in hand with the Y. You can be certain that the hidden word will have at least one A, E, I, O U, or Y. 

Try to start your puzzle with a word with a minimum of two vowels at least to begin your elimination process. The E seems to be the most common vowel in Wordle and Word Hurdle.

Try out the most common consonants

In the English language, some consonants are clearly more frequent than others. The T, R, S, L, and N are especially common which means that they have a higher probability of being present in the hidden word. 

Pay attention to common combinations

Some letters are more commonly paired than others. For example, ST or SH are more frequently combined than FJ. 

If you find yourself with two yellow letters that are known to form common pairs, be sure to try a word that combines them in your next move.

Don’t be afraid to repeat letters

Even if you have already excluded a certain letter, do not refrain from using it again if it means building a word that helps you eliminate more options.

For instance, let us say that you have the following setting: ?IGHT. The question mark could be an R (Right), an L (Light), an E (Eight), an N (Night), etc. Trying all the options would be the same as relying on luck to find the right answer before ending your allowed attempts.

What you can do instead, is try a word that you know is wrong, but covers as many likely options as possible. For example, even if you have already excluded the letter A, you can play LEARN. If the word comes out red, you know that the correct word will not be Right, Light, Eight, or Night.

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