Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles are one of the most popular word games worldwide if not the most popular. The fact that the game setting is very plain and easily reproducible paired with its straightforward rules, makes it a favorite among players who enjoy challenging their language skills in a relaxed manner.

Crosswords rules

The premise of the game is simple: to fill in a grid of interlocking cells with words. The challenge lies in the discovery of the right words to ensure a correct and seamless match whenever the cells intersect.

To discover the words, the players must interpret a series of clues or definitions. The hard part is that the word must have a determined length. 

For example, let us imagine that the clue is “Any of various lithe-bodied roundheaded fissiped mammals, many with retractile claws.” The answer could either be Felid or Feline. The correct one will depend on the number of cells on the grid for that particular clue.

In this sense, solving a crossword puzzle is not only about understanding the clue but also about having a vast vocabulary, trivia knowledge, and language fluency. It is this combination of required skills and capabilities that make it such an exciting and challenging game.

With these free crossword puzzles online you have the opportunity to play your favorite word game any time you want without having to wait for the daily challenge of your regular newspaper. Keep challenging your language skills as many times as you want. Our crossword puzzles are also printable, in case you want to play them the traditional way, with pen and paper.

How to play crossword puzzles online

Crossword puzzles begin with an empty grid and a list of clues for the words you must use to fill it in. The words on the grid can be placed horizontally (across) or vertically (down). The clues are also divided according to the direction of the word.

The grid is numbered according to the clues, with each digit indicating where the word begins. For example, if you have a 1 on the left-most cell, it means that the word of clue number 1 will start there. 

To enter the word in this online crossword puzzle game, click on the cells you want to fill in on the grid. On cells that intercept two words, you can double-click to change the direction of the selection. 

To write down the word you can either use the digital keyboard on this page or the one on your device. 

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Classic Word Puzzles
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