Word Games

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Crossword Puzzles

Interpret a series of clues or definitions to find the words you must use to fill in a grid of interlocking cells.

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Cryptogram Puzzles

Popular quotes lie behind a letter-replacement code. The goal is to decipher the code and find the corresponding correct letters to solve the cryptogram and discover the quote.

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Fill-In Crosswords

Fill in a blank crossword puzzle grid with the words in the list. Analyze spaces and letters to cross the words accordingly. All the words must fit in the grid.

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Discover popular sayings and idiomatic expressions by trying different words and letter placements. You have only 6 attempts. Clues are provided at each attempt to guide you.

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Spelling Bee

Unscramble as many words as possible using the letters in the honeycomb. Only 4-letter words or longer are valid and they must contain the letter at the center of the puzzle.

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Spelling Game

Form as many words as possible with the given letters and submit them to complete the winning list. Words must have at least 3 letters.

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Word Hurdle

Guess the hidden 5-letter word in only six attempts. At each try, you will receive clues on whether the hidden word contains the letters inserted and their position.


Our online word games

Word games can take up many forms but if there is one thing that they all have in common is the focus on the richness of a language, be it through the intricacies of definitions and meanings or the sheer number of words it contains. Some, such as Crosswords, can even combine both elements as the players must have a rich vocabulary but also a thorough knowledge of the meaning of the words to decipher the clues.

Different gameplay, different types of fun

The gameplay of these games can also vary significantly. Scrabble or even Fill-In Crosswords to a lesser extent require a certain amount of strategy and foresight in addition to word knowledge. Spelling games, on the other hand, can differ in style but their ultimate goal is always to form as many words as possible with the given letters.

In general, one can talk about 8 types of word puzzle games, but the list could be much longer if each type were to be broken down according to different criteria. For example, Phazle is a Wordle-like type of game. However, unlike the popular The New York Times puzzle, it requires a good knowledge of semantics and idiomatic expressions, which in turn could place it in a different category of word games.

Who can play?

Regardless of the focus or gameplay, one thing is certain: word games are fun and suitable for all ages. Life experience can count as an advantage only insofar as older players had more time to retain more vocabulary and definitions. Therefore, it is perfectly possible for a kid to overcome this handicap.

At any rate, word games provide a great opportunity to exercise one’s memory and mental skills, be it by retrieving or learning new information, which makes them perfect for everyone.

They can even be used by students or anyone looking to learn a new language as a fun tool to practice their knowledge and increase it at the same time.

Words games on the go: the apps

Appgeneration, the company behind Wordunscramble.io and BuscarPalabras.io, is also the owner of Word Connect, a word game app that you are bound to enjoy if you like word games in general.

In this game, you must fill a crossword-style grid by forming words with the given letters. You will receive points for all the words that you can find, even if they are not a solution to the puzzle. 

Word Connect also comes with a dictionary feature, that lets you check the definition of all the words you submit, helping you learn and improve your vocabulary.

The game is available in both British English and American English and in 17 more languages (Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Czech, Romanian, Hungarian, Swedish, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Malay, and Indonesian).

Available on the App Store and Google Play.


Classic Word Puzzles
by AppGeneration Software
Word Search Nature
Classic Word Puzzles
by AppGeneration Software

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