Words with Friends Cheat

Words with Friends Cheat is a tool designed to support players by helping them unscramble the letters on their rack and step up the game’s excitement with new words. As hard as a combination of letters may be, the chances are that this cheat can find an obscure or high-scoring word with them on it, so the game does not come to a standstill and fun never stops.
If you are stuck and feeling hopeless, all you have to do is type the letters on the search bar and let this Words with Friends Cheat get you out of that tight spot. You can also use this tool as a studying method to find and learn new words that contain uncommon consonants and vowels. The richer your vocabulary is, the easier it will be to plan ahead and find the best strategy to block your opponent and boost your scores.
Have fun exploring all the features of this tool while increasing your chances of winning every game.

Words With Friends Cheat Instructions

This is a very simple tool that helps you find the best words to get you closer to victory in a game against your friends. 
To start using it, all you have to do is type the letters you want (or have in your rack) in the search bar above. You can enter up to 15 letters. Then, just hit “Unscramble!”.
The search will retrieve all the valid words that can be formed with the letters you entered. The words will be divided according to their length. Click on one to find more information about it, including its value, definition, similar words, and other terms that start with the same combination of letters.
Additionally, Words With Friends Cheat goes a step further and also retrieves words made with the letters from your query plus one more. The goal is to help you find a way to create a hook or simply add to an existing word on the board, thus collecting more points in a single turn.

What is Words With Friends

Words with Friends is a multiplayer game that puts the players’ vocabulary knowledge and spelling skills to the test. However, its addictiveness can also be explained by the level of strategic thinking required to win. 
Knowledge is power, but anyone wanting to be successful in this game must also know when to block the opponent, how to use the special squares on the board to their advantage, and how to find the best balance of letters within the rack.

In its essence, it is just like Scrabble®, with a few minor differences. While the latter started and still is better known as a board game, WWF is a cross-platform virtual game that connects players from all over the world in one single place.

How to Play Words with Friends?

This is traditionally a 2-player game, although more can also join. Each player receives 7 tiles of letters. The goal is to combine these tiles with those already laid down on the board to form new words or transform an existing one. 
Each letter has a certain value attached to it. The more common it is, the fewer points it is worth. The player laying down a word receives the sum of the points of all the letters it contains.
The board of WWF also includes special squares that boost the players’ points as they can double or triple the value of a letter or an entire word.
The game ends when a player clears their rack and there are no more tiles to be distributed. The player with the highest score wins the game.

Words with Friends Rules

The rules of Words with Friends are very simple and straightforward. Anyone familiar with the rules of Scrabble will also recognize many of them in this game too.

The tiles

This game uses 104 tiles: 102 with letters plus 2 white ones that can replace any letter within a word. Every player starts with 7 tiles in their racks. For every tile laid down on the board, the player must fetch a new one from the bag of extra tiles. When the bag is empty and a player clears their rack, the game ends.

The gameplay

The goal in WWF is to create words to collect their points. The players can only lay down words horizontally and vertically on the board. They can add letters to an existing word to transform it or play a completely new word. Regardless, new words must always be connected to one already on the board.
The players can also forfeit their turn and ask to exchange their tiles when they cannot create a valid word with them. If a player forfeits their turn three times in a row, the game ends.

Point system

Whenever a player manages to create a new word using all their seven tiles at once, they receive 35 extra points on top of the value of the word. 
On the board, there are also special squares that double (DL) or triple (TL) the value of the letter covering it and others that double (DW) or triple (TW) the value of a full word.
The first player clearing their rack wins the points on the opponent’s one.

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Tips to Win

Using this Words with Friends Cheat to discover new words and new ways of using uncommon letters is a great tip if you want to improve your chances of winning. Nevertheless, there are also a few other tricks that might help you beat your friend and win every time.

Test the words

The game lets you test as many words as you want without losing your turn. This is a very helpful feature, and you should take as much advantage of it as possible. The game lets you know if the word you are trying to put down is valid or not and how many points you will get if you play it.

Block your opponent

Preventing your opponent from earning points is as important (if not more important) as being able to create new words using the tiles on your rack.
The main goal should be to block their access to the special squares. It does not matter how many valuable words you lay down, if your adversary gets to double or triple theirs each time, even if theirs are weaker than yours, you will have a hard time catching up to him.
Blocking the access or using the squares for yourself is the first step, but you also should be thinking twice about the words you lay down. Remember that your opponent may try to transform them. If you lay down a high-value word, they might take advantage of it.
A good tip in these cases is to try to lay down plurals. Simply adding an S at the end of a word can block your opponent from using it.

Go for the hooks

Transforming an existing word on the board can grant you the original word’s points plus the new tiles you just added. This is a great way to increase your score while blocking your opponent from extending the word themselves.
A “hook” is a letter that is often attached to the end of a word to change its meaning. The most common ones are ‘Y’ (Fish - FishY), ‘D’ (Place - PlaceD), ‘E’ (Can - CanE), ‘R’ (Pale - PaleR) and ‘T’ (Car - CarT).

Look for common endings and beginnings

There are many words in the English language that start or end with the same combination of letters. If you spot one of these common combinations on your rack, put it to the side and wait for the best opportunity to add it to an existing word to collect extra points.
Common endings include “-ing” or “-ed” for example. As for beginnings, look for “un-”, “re-”, or “in-”.

Try to build parallel words

In theory, it is easier to cross an existing word on the board and use only a single letter in it to build your own term. However, placing a new word parallel is more profitable, albeit harder.
For example, let’s say you have the word CARGO already on the board and can create NOTE with your rack. You can ignore your own O, cross CARGO and use its final O to lay down NOTE. Or you can use your own O and place the N parallel to the O in CARGO. By doing that you form the word NOTE plus the word NO, receiving points for both.

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Scrabble Vs. Words with Friends

Words with Friends was inspired by Scrabble, which explains their similarities. They are not related in any way, however, and each has its own differentiating features, starting with the fact that Scrabble is a board game and WWF was designed as a virtual game. 
The number of letter tiles employed is also different, with WWF using 102 and Scrabble using 98. The value of the letters also differs.
The ‘Bingo!’ (using all the tiles in the rack to create one word) in Scrabble is worth 50 extra points, while in WWF it is only 35 points.
The other big difference between the two is the arrangement of special squares on the board. In Scrabble, it is impossible to cover squares multiplying letters and words with one single word, but this is something common in WWF.
Furthermore, in Scrabble, if there are still extra tiles in the bag, a player can exchange tiles and forfeit their turn any time they want. In WWF, however, the game ends if a player forfeits their turn three times in a row.
These are the only clear differences between the two games. Other than these, there are a few details that derive from the fact that one is meant as a board game and the other as a virtual game.

How to Cheat at Words with Friends

Words with Friends is a game of strategy in which the players put their vocabulary to the test against one another. Their scoring depends on their ability to create words with the letters on their rack and those already laid down on the board, something easier said than done.
Luck plays a great role when it comes to the letters available. It is not only a matter of having a balanced rack that allows players to create several different words and play with their position on the board to reach the special squares. The value of said letters is also important. The lower their value, the harder it becomes to collect enough points to win the game.
The only way to cheat at Words with Friends is thus by finding a way to extract as many points as possible from what you are given. Since this is a virtual game, the players are normally alone playing on their devices which is to say: no one is watching over them.
Whenever you are in the middle of a game, just open the Words with Friends Cheat page and type in the letters on your rack. In a blink of an eye, you will have a thorough list of all the words you can create with your letters.
Words with Friends lets you check different words on the board before committing to one. Therefore, once you have all this information, you only need to try them out to find the one that would grant you more points. Take special notice of the special squares to see if you can lay down your highest-scoring word over a double or triple word square or if you can at least fit a letter with a high value over a double or triple letter square.

Can you tell if someone is cheating on Words With Friends?

It is impossible to tell if someone is cheating on Words with Friends, at least for certain. 

What is commonly known as “cheating” in this word game refers to the action of players checking a dictionary or using an unscramble tool in the course of a game. This means that, unless you are standing physically side by side with your opponent, you have no way of checking if they are indeed performing any of these tasks.

That being said, there can be some tell-tale signs that something might be amiss. The more experienced a player you are, the easier it is to pick them up.

If you are suspicious, the first thing you should pay attention to is your opponent’s strategy. Players relying solely on Cheat tools often have none. They are focused only on playing high-scoring words with no regard for the overall disposition of the board. For example, they might create the perfect setup for you to make a good move, instead of choosing to play a low-scoring word just to block you. A good player will always think two or three steps and tends to prefer a strategy of delayed gratification, in which case they try to set the board in such a way that creates the opportunity for higher score moves further down the road.

Next, you should pay attention to their use of blanks or the highest-scoring letters in their words. An online cheater only retrieves the total amount a word can yield, based on the value of its letters. However, it does not take into account the double or triple squares on the board. A smaller word with a high-value letter on one of these squares can be worth way more than a longer word using only 1-point letters, for example. If your opponent cannot recognize the opportunity in front of them, it is likely that he or she is using a cheater… or that they are really bad at this word game.

Many players also suspect that their adversary is cheating when they keep playing obscure high-scoring words that almost seem made up. Nevertheless, this is a tricky sign. Your opponent might be cheating or he or she might be an experienced player or someone who enjoys purposely studying difficult words to increase their chances of winning. It can be a red flag, but, ideally, you should check for the other tell-tale signs before making up your mind.

What is the highest scoring word in Words With Friends?

Just as in Scrabble, the highest scoring word in Words with Friends is Oxyphenbutazone. In the first game, this word referring to an anti-inflammatory drug used to treat arthritis is worth 41 points just by adding the value of the letters. However, Words with Friends letters have different values, usually yielding more points, and this is one of these cases. When played over regular squares on the board,  Oxyphenbutazone can yield 44 points alone.

Nevertheless, if the word is played over favorable conditions, that is, overlapping bonus squares, it can reward the player with an astonishing number of 1674 points.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to play Oxyphenbutazone in both Scrabble and WWF in a competitive setting since it would require the cooperation of the adversary to create the perfect conditions for its use. That being said, the word has been played before in WWF thanks to friends who have fun working with each other to try to get to the highest possible score in the game instead of focusing on a simple victory.

Play Words with Friends online

WWF is a mobile application designed as an online game. In 2014, the developers included an offline feature in it, but it is still in its essence a game designed to be played with a connection to the internet, be it through mobile data or Wi-Fi.

It is this online feature that allows users to connect with other players to have the real experience of a challenge against another human being. While in board games such as Scrabble the players need to be present in the same room, in Word with Friends you can challenge players from all over the world. Due to this, you also have the advantage of being able to find an adversary at any time of the day. If you are alone at home and feel like playing at 3 A.M., you will likely find an opponent to do so because of the different time zones around the world.

Playing Words with Friends online also gives users the chance to create their own profile and search and match with other players through their profiles too. Plus, this profile system lets users block friends or other users with whom they do not wish to play anymore (e.g. if they believe that the opponent is a cheater).

Can I play WWF offline?

This is a very frequent question. Can you play WWF offline or must you have an internet connection? Well, users can play WWF offline since 2014 when this feature was first introduced. Initially, the goal was to have the Solo mode work both online and offline, letting players select AI avatars to compete against. This feature is no longer available, however.

At this moment, it is only possible to play offline in Practice mode. Yet, it is still one of the most popular features of the game, serving all the players in locations without internet coverage.

That being said, to access the offline mode, you first need to connect to the internet to sign in and create a profile.

Words with Friends Help

Words with Friends has an embedded help system in the shape of a built-in dictionary and trial and error attempts.

There is no challenging option as in Scrabble for when you believe a player is making up a word, but the dictionary option lets you search for the definition of any term played to help you learn new terms and increase your own vocabulary. 

The trial and error feature is exclusive to WWF and is part of its gameplay. In simple terms, it allows you to play around with the letters on your rack and try out different combinations on the board hoping to discover possible words but also to test which move would yield more points. 

External to the word game itself, you can find a Words with Friends help in the shape of an online Word Finder or Words with Friends Cheat. These types of tools allow you to insert the letters on your rack in a search bar to unscramble them and retrieve all the words that you can make using those letters. They also provide extra useful information such as the number of points each word is worth. Plus, the query always retrieves organized lists by word length, sorted by alphabetical order within.

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