Free Fill-In Crosswords Puzzles

Have fun combining your love for words and your sorting skills to find the solution for the free online fill-in puzzles that we have for you!

These puzzles are available without any daily restrictions, which means that players can solve as many challenges as they may want.

There are no hints or a fast track to the solution. It is up to you to carefully analyze the words, paying attention to their length and the positioning of each letter, and complete the grid in such a way that every word fits in and intersects perfectly. 

Our words fill-in crosswords are printable. If you do not wish to play online, simply click on the Print button and enjoy the same challenge in a pen-and-paper format.

What is a word fill-in?

A word fill-in is a crossword type of puzzle where you fill in words that were previously disclosed. In other words, these are word puzzles similar to the standard crosswords in shape but with distinct gameplay. 

Instead of deciphering clues to find the word that should go on the grid, the players have the complete list of correct words available from the start. Their goal is to fit them into the grid, not by solving clues but by a process of exclusion. 

Knowing the meaning of a word or even simply recognizing it is completely irrelevant. A fill-in puzzle does not even require the use of words. That is one of the reasons why this game has so many different names (fill-in crosswords, word fill-ins, criss-cross, Kriss Kross, etc.). Its only distinctive feature is the need to fill in a grid with the given information. The content of said information is unimportant.

Who can play?

The game is very popular with all demographic groups as it does not require any language knowledge. In fact, many teachers and parents often print fill-in crosswords to play together with the kids or to keep them entertained. 

That being said, the ones you will find here are fill-in puzzles for adults. On the one hand, the list of words targets adult individuals, with a richer vocabulary, instead of using common words highly used by kids. On the other hand, the process of completing the grid will not be an obvious one. Our goal is to turn this into a challenging game and avoid making it a mindless task of sorting words. This means that our fill-in crossword puzzles may be too complex or hard for children to solve.

However, there is nothing preventing kids from trying their best. Perhaps they can even surprise everyone and fare much better than the adults.

Fill-in puzzles online: how to play

Our online fill-in puzzles are free and available without any daily restrictions, which means that players can solve as many challenges as they may want.

The goal is to complete the crosswords grid with all the words listed underneath it. Click on any cell to select a row or column and see which words would fit there. When one cell is in an intersection between a row and a column, double-click on it to change the direction you want to check.

The puzzles start with one letter already in the grid, to serve as a guide to players.

How do you start a fill-in word puzzle?

Fill-in puzzles always include a letter on their grid to serve as a guide. Check the position of the said letter. What is its direction, horizontal or vertical? Or is it in an intersection?

Then, count the position of the letter within the word. In the case of intersections, you will need to count in both directions to ascertain the position of the letter within the horizontal and the vertical word.

Once these steps have been completed, sift through the words on your list to find those that match your requirements. This means that you can exclude all the words that do not have the required length nor that letter in the position you have ascertained.

Fill-in crossword puzzles tend to start easily, which means that you are likely to have only one word matching your requirements on the list.

Once the first word is on the grid, you just have to repeat the process by using the letters that fall on intersections as your starting point.

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