Spelling is a simple yet very word game that will put any language lover to the test. Its goal is clear and straightforward: find and insert all the possible words with the given letters. In other words, it is a game easy to understand and easy to play… but hard to win!

The game is challenging in three different ways. First, the success of the players is dependent on their skills in unscrambling words and decoding anagrams. The more proficient they are, the easier it will be for them to play with the position of the letters to find the hidden words. 

Second, the players need to have a rich vocabulary. How else will they identify a word if they do not know of its existence? They can try random letters and strike luck a couple of times, but where is the fun in that?

The third way this game is challenging is the most obvious one. This is a spelling game after all. Unscrambling words is important, and recognizing them also but being able to correctly spell them is what is going to make the difference between an accepted and a rejected word. 

We have said it before: it is an easy game to play, but a hard one to win!

How to play this Spelling game

Only has one goal and one rule. The first is that you must find all the words that you can create with the given letters. The rule is that these words must have at least 3 letters. Words with two letters will not be accepted.

Type the words and press enter to submit them. You can click on the letters on the screen or use your keyboard to type them. If a word is correct, it will be added to the list of found words in the box on top.

There are no hints available. You must use your own skills to reach the solution. However, you can use the shuffle button as many times as you want to help you look at the letters from a different perspective.

Will you find all the words or give up midway?

And if you enjoyed this game, make sure to also check the game Spelling Bee. It is a very similar game to this one, with the added difficulty of having to use a selected letter in all the words created.

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