2 Letter Words

2 letter words for Scrabble and Words with Friends

Knowing as many two-letter words as possible will give you an edge over your opponent in any game of Scrabble or Words with Friends. Even if most of them are low value, they can still prove useful and grant you a good number of points when played wisely.
You can use them to form a new word parallel to an existing one, for instance, and get you points for more than just the two tiles you just placed on the board. They can also prove useful when you need to exchange tiles but want to avoid forfeiting your turn or at the end of the game when you need to clear your rack or get rid of high-value letters to reduce your losses.

Common two-letter words

The most common two-letter words in English are TO, IN, and OF. The first two only yield two points in a Scrabble game (IN is worth three points in Words with Friends) while OF is worth five points.
Even if they do not grant you many points in one move, you are more likely to remember them during a game due to their frequency in the English language.
That being said, there is no harm in also learning less common two-letter words, especially the high-scoring ones. For example, QI is a very useful word to learn. It is easy to remember, since it only has two letters, but yields a total of 11 points. Plus, it is one of the few words in English that contain a Q not followed by a U.  

You know more two-letter words than you think

If you take a moment to think about the words you use in your daily life, you will realize that you know more two-letter words than you might initially think.
Take IN as a starting base, for example, since it is one of the most common words, and the other two prepositions of location may come into your mind: ON and AT.
Common verbs such as GO, DO and BE are also two-letter words. Through the latter, you can even come UP (here is another one) with IS.
Do you want a shortlist with more examples of two-letter words you surely know BY heart? Yes or NO? IF the answer is positive, WE will give IT to you SO you can easily use them when AN opportunity comes along in a game of words:  US, ME, MY, EX, AX, HI, OH, OX.

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