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Are you a part of the wordle fever? This unusual yet very simple word game only became available to the grand public at the end of 2021, but its popularity is on the rise with millions of people and even celebrities joining in every day to tackle the daily puzzle.

Yet, simple as it is, it is still a challenging game, and a wordle solver might come in handy for those tougher puzzles.

What is Wordle

Wordle is a word game created by Josh Wardle, an American software engineer. It started as a fun activity for him and his partner, both word game aficionados, but it quickly blew up among their friends too. With such success in their closer circle of friends,  Josh decided to make it available to the public, and in no time the craze was on.

The game itself is very simple. The goal is to discover the 5-letter word of the day through trial and error. 

How to play Wordle

The puzzle is set with a grid of 5 x 6. The players must enter any random word to start. If the word inserted contains any letter of the winning word, it will be highlighted in different colors - green if the letter and placement are correct, yellow if the letter is correct, but not its position of the winning word. 

The letters that are not present on the final word will be darkened both on the grid and on the keyboard but you can still use them while testing other possibilities.

The players have 6 chances in total to arrive at the end word. If they can find it, they win! If not, the right answer will be displayed on top of the grid and they will lose. There is no retrial option, which is why a wordle cheat can be so useful, especially when you are already running out of chances.

If you are having too much fun at it and do not want to stop, be sure to check our Word Hurdle game. It is inspired by Wordle and follows the same set of rules, except that you can play as many puzzles as you want per day.

Find today's answer: how to use this Wordle Cheat

This wordle word finder is designed to be a helpful tool in your quest to find the answers to conquer the daily challenge. However, it will only work if you give your best effort at the game. 

This tool is set to only look for 5-letter words. Using the search feature, you can enter the letters you already discover and even choose the position they should go in the word. The more letters and right positions you discover, the more accurate this tool will be.

Once you have entered your findings, we will retrieve a list of all the 5-letter words that comply with your parameters. Then, you just need to give them a try. Focus specifically on those that do not contain any letter that you have already ruled out. 

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Classic Word Puzzles
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