Is TI a valid Scrabble word?

Any player who enjoys a game of Scrabble on a regular basis is likely to have faced the question on whether TI is a valid Scrabble word and if it even exists. This seemingly benign yet obscure word is a victim of the linguistic differences between English speakers and the …

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7 Tips for solving cryptograms

Cryptogram puzzles are challenging word games in which a piece of text is hidden behind a letter code. To solve the puzzle, the players must find the rules governing the letter replacement and decipher what the real letters are. To do so, these puzzles require the use of logical thinking …

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7 Strategies to win at Words with Friends

Words with Friends is not a mindless game in which you and your opponent just keep constructing words with random letters and placing them on the virtual board. You need to think carefully about every move, the placement of the words, the length of the built terms and the letters …

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How to solve an anagram

How to solve an anagram?

Anagrams are the result of rearranging the letters of a word into a different word or a seeming jumble of letters. It is a linguistic method often employed in word games but also as a fun strategy to create names and new terms or to hide certain messages. That is …

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Is ZO a valid Scrabble word

Is ZO a valid Scrabble word?

Despite being a simple 2-letter word, ZO is highly likely to generate some arguments around a Scrabble board. These arguments' main point is always whether ZO is a valid Scrabble word or not. 

Interestingly enough, this is a discussion in which everyone is right. ZO is and is not …

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Words with Friends letter values

Words with Friends letter values

Words with Friends is a word game inspired by Scrabble, following the same general rules and having a very similar if not the same type of gameplay. The most striking difference between the two is the Words with Friends letter values.
Just like Scrabble, this game uses the frequency …

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types of word games

8 Types of Word Puzzle Games

Word games are always a popular choice among people of every age. The best part is that there are several types of word games to choose from, so everyone can find their cup of tea. Some people enjoy 1-player games to challenge their skills, others like to use them as …

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is qi a valid scrabble word

Is QI a valid Scrabble word?

Words in which the letter Q is not followed by the letter U are the most sought after by players of Scrabble and other similar word games like Words with Friends. The Q is simultaneously one of the most valuable tiles in these games, yielding 10 points, and one …

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The most useful Scrabble words

The most useful Scrabble words

According to the Official Scrabble Dictionary, there are over 100 thousand playable words in this game. An impressive number, no doubt, but knowing all of them is virtually impossible. Instead of taking up such a difficult task, the best way to go around it is to learn useful Scrabble words …

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Highest scoring words in Scrabble

Highest-scoring words in Scrabble

The highest scoring words in Scrabble do not come around frequently, but when they do, they can give a much-wanted boost to the players’ score.
Although length plays a big role in setting the worthiness of these terms, their high value is more often related to the letters used …

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benefits of playing word games

10 benefits of playing word games

Even without taking into account how much fun and entertaining they are, the benefits of playing word games are quite notable. Yes, they are an amusing hobby and a great way to pass time, but they are also educational and a tool for self-improvement.
If you need any more …

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tricks to win every Scrabble game

12 tricks to win every Scrabble game

Scrabble is one of the most popular word games ever to be made due to its strategic nature. Having an extensive vocabulary is the first step to do well in this game but it can be insufficient when moves are not planned carefully. If you are looking to improve your …

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