Unscramble ate

Scrabble and Words With Friends points

  • ate is a valid Scrabble US word, worth 3 points
  • ate is a valid Scrabble UK word, worth 3 points
  • ate is a valid Words With Friends word, worth 3 points

3 letter words by unscrambling ate

2 letter words by unscrambling ate

Definition of ate


  • goddess of criminal rashness and its punishment. Synonyms: Ate.


  • take in solid food; "She was eating a banana", "What did you eat for dinner last night?". Synonyms: eat.
  • eat a meal; take a meal; "We did not eat until 10 P.M. because there were so many phone calls", "I didn't eat yet, so I gladly accept your invitation". Synonyms: eat.
  • take in food; used of animals only; "This dog doesn't eat certain kinds of meat", "What do whales eat?". Synonyms: eat, feed.
  • worry or cause anxiety in a persistent way; "What's eating you?". Synonyms: eat, eat on.
  • use up (resources or materials); "this car consumes a lot of gas", "We exhausted our savings", "They run through 20 bottles of wine a week". Synonyms: consume, deplete, eat, eat up, exhaust, run through, use up, wipe out.
  • cause to deteriorate due to the action of water, air, or an acid; "The acid corroded the metal", "The steady dripping of water rusted the metal stopper in the sink". Synonyms: corrode, eat, rust.

Related words

banquet, binge, bolt, breakfast, browse, brunch, burn, consume, crop, devour, dine, dip, down, drain, dunk, eat, englut, engorge, exhaust, fare, feast, fill, finish, forage, fress, glut, gluttonise, gluttonize, gobble, gorge, gormandise, gormandize, gourmandize, graze, guttle, indulge, ingurgitate, junket, lunch, luxuriate, mess, nibble, nosh, overeat, overgorge, overindulge, pasture, peck, pick, picnic, piece, pig, range, raven, ruminate, sap, satiate, slurp, snack, spend, stuff, suckle, tire, victual, wolf.

Words nearby

ace, ade, age, ale, ane, ante, ape, are, at, aten, atf, atm, atp, awe, axe, bate, date, fate, gate, hate, late, mate, pate, rate, sate, tate, te, ute.

Rhymes with

abate, ablate, actuate, await, bait, bate, berate, chait, collate, commutate, conflate, conjugate, crate, create, date, debate, deflate, demodulate, desecrate, desecrate.

Words made by unscrambling the letters ate plus one letter

beat, bate, abet, beta, cate, tace, date, fate, feta, feat, geta, gate, hate, thae, haet, eath, heat, take, teak, tale, late, teal, tela, tael, meta, tame, mate, team, meat, etna, neat, ante, toea, tape, tepa, peat, pate, tare, tear, rate, and 12 more.


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