Definition of travel


  • the act of going from one place to another; "he enjoyed selling but he hated the travel". Synonyms: traveling, travelling.
  • a movement through space that changes the location of something. Synonyms: change of location.
  • self-propelled movement. Synonyms: locomotion.


  • change location; move, travel, or proceed, also metaphorically; "How fast does your new car go?", "We travelled from Rome to Naples by bus", "The policemen went from door to door looking for the suspect", "The soldiers moved towards the city in an attempt to take it before night fell", "news travelled fast". Synonyms: go, locomote, move. Antonyms: stay in place.
  • undertake a journey or trip. Synonyms: journey.
  • make a trip for pleasure. Synonyms: jaunt, trip.
  • travel upon or across; "travel the oceans". Synonyms: journey.
  • undergo transportation as in a vehicle; "We travelled North on Rte. 508".
  • travel from place to place, as for the purpose of finding work, preaching, or acting as a judge. Synonyms: move around.

Related words

accompany, advance, air, angle, arise, ascend, ascension, ascent, automobile, aviation, back, bang, beetle, billow, blow, bounce, brachiation, breeze, caravan, career, carry, cast, change, circle, circuit, circulate, circulation, come, commutation, commute, commuting, continue, crank, crawl, crawling, creep, creeping, crossing, cruise, derail, descend, descent, do, drag, draw, drift, drive, driving, ease, entering, entrance, err, fall, ferry, float, flock, flow, flowing, fly, follow, forge, gait, ghost, glide, gravitation, hasten, hie, hiss, hop, hotfoot, hurry, hurtle, itinerate, jog, jounce, journey, journeying, jump, junket, junketeer, junketing, lance, lap, lead, leg, levitation, lift, lope, lurch, meander, motor, navigate, outflank, overfly, pace, pan, pass, peregrinate, peregrination, play, plough, plow, ply, prance, precede, precess, proceed, progress, progression, propagate, pursue, push, race, raft, ramble, range, recede, repair, resort, retire, retreat, retrograde, return, ride, riding, rise, rising, roam, roll, round, rove, roving, run, running, rush, sail, scramble, seafaring, seek, shack, ship, shuttle, sift, sit, ski, sledge, slide, slither, snowshoe, speed, spirt, spread, spreading, spurt, stage, staging, stampede, steam, steamer, step, stray, stroke, surpass, swan, swap, swash, swim, swing, taxi, thread, tour, trail, tram, tramp, transfer, translation, traversal, traverse, tread, trek, trot, trundle, turn, uprise, vagabond, vagabondage, visit, voyage, walk, walking, wander, wandering, wayfaring, weave, wend, wheel, whine, whish, whisk, whistle, whoosh, wind, wing, withdraw, zigzag, zip, zoom.

Words nearby travel

gravel, ravel, trave.

Rhymes with travel

gavel, gravel, havel, ravel, unravel.

Start with travel

travelogs, travelogues, travellers, traveler, travelling, traveling, traveled, traveller, travelers, travelled, travels, travelog, travelogue.

End with travel

outtravel, pretravel.

More information about travel

travel unscrambled

Scrabble and Words With Friends points

  • travel is a valid Scrabble US word, worth 9 points
  • travel is a valid Scrabble UK word, worth 9 points
  • travel is a valid Words With Friends word, worth 11 points
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