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  • cheat is a valid Scrabble US word, worth 10 points
  • cheat is a valid Scrabble UK word, worth 10 points
  • cheat is a valid Words With Friends word, worth 10 points

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Definition of cheat


  • weedy annual grass often occurs in grainfields and other cultivated land; seeds sometimes considered poisonous. Synonyms: Lolium temulentum, bearded darnel, darnel, tare.
  • weedy annual native to Europe but widely distributed as a weed especially in wheat. Synonyms: Bromus secalinus, chess.
  • someone who leads you to believe something that is not true. Synonyms: beguiler, cheater, deceiver, slicker, trickster.
  • the act of swindling by some fraudulent scheme; "that book is a fraud". Synonyms: rig, swindle.
  • a deception for profit to yourself. Synonyms: cheating.


  • deprive somebody of something by deceit; "The con-man beat me out of $50", "This salesman ripped us off!", "we were cheated by their clever-sounding scheme", "They chiseled me out of my money". Synonyms: chisel, rip off.
  • defeat someone through trickery or deceit. Synonyms: chicane, chouse, jockey, screw, shaft.
  • engage in deceitful behavior; practice trickery or fraud; "Who's chiseling on the side?". Synonyms: chisel.
  • be sexually unfaithful to one's partner in marriage; "She cheats on her husband", "Might her husband be wandering?". Synonyms: betray, cheat on, cuckold, wander.

Related words

beat, beguile, betrayer, bilk, bluffer, bunco, bunk, bunko, charlatan, chiseler, chiseller, con, cook, counterfeiter, cozen, cozenage, crib, decoy, defalcator, defraud, defrauder, diddle, dissembler, dissimulator, dodger, embezzler, fake, faker, falsifier, falsify, figurehead, finagler, fleece, flimflam, forger, fox, fraud, front, fudge, gazump, gerrymander, gip, goldbrick, gouger, grifter, gyp, holdout, hoodwink, hook, hornswoggle, hustle, hypocrite, imitator, impersonator, imposter, impostor, job, juggle, liar, manipulate, misleader, misrepresent, mountebank, mulct, nobble, obscurantist, overcharge, peculator, phoney, phony, pluck, plume, pretender, prevaricator, pseud, pseudo, pyramiding, rig, rob, rook, sandbagger, scam, scammer, sham, shammer, shark, slyboots, soak, steerer, sting, strawman, surcharge, swindle, swindler, swiz, thimblerig, traitor, utterer, victimize, wangle, wangler, welch, welsh, whipsaw.

Words nearby

chat, cheap, chert, chest, cleat, heat, wheat.

Rhymes with

backseat, beat, beet, cleat, compete, complete, conceit, concrete, crete, deceit, deceit, defeat, delete, deplete, discreet, discrete, downbeat, eat, effete, elite.

Words made by unscrambling the letters cheat plus one letter

chaeta, cachet, detach, thecae, chetah, chalet, thecal, hepcat, rachet, cheats, taches, chaste, scathe, sachet.


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